How much longer must I wait? To reclaim what was taken from me…
Soon, master...soon... We are recruiting the top bounty hunters in the galaxy... just as you requested, master.


Darkzone (noun) 1 An area within galactic bounds that is devoid of law, control, and surveillance

The Darkzone

The Darkzone is a lawless district in the Darkstar Galaxy where, for millenia, the most vicious crime factions in the galaxy have prospered. Too dangerous to police, the Darkzone is widely known to be a hive for much of the illegal intergalactic activity that plagues the rest of the Galaxy.

Conflicting Powers

Although infested with nefarious organizations and illicit activity, the Darkzone is not void of structure. It is viciously controlled by the 4 most powerful crime factions in the Galaxy: The Rotten Eyes, The Steel Spine, The Proteus Union, and The Dark Realm.

Ka’ Nuun

But, as in every tug for power, one fist always strikes harder. And that had, for centuries, been a throne occupied by Ka’ Nuun: leader of The Dark Realm.

Power Struggle

Having amassed so much power in the Darkzone, Varriduuk, Wida Gaskill, and Kalava (leaders of the other factions) felt the power of The Dark Realm had grown to heights that threatened their very existence. A battle ensued that would tear apart all power dynamics previously known.

Time for payback!

Heavily battered and weakened, but alive, Ka’ Nuun is hiring the most lethal bounty hunters in the galaxy and has his eyes set on vengeance!

Will you answer his call?


Bring Ka’ Nuun the heads of these Darkzone crime bosses and riches will follow…
varriduuk The rotten eyes
kalava The Steel spine
wida gaskill the proteus union
Ka’ Therasu the dark realm


Ka’ Nuun is recruiting the deadliest bounty hunters in the galaxy
XOREL Assassin
VYO-SABA Support


Darkzone brings back good ol’ P2P trading, meaningful loot, a growing online world, and real-time co-op and PvP mechanics to the world of Idle/Incremental RPGs.

Real-time Co-op Play

Play with friends and other hunters from around the world in real-time co-op play.

AFK Progress

Gather rewards, materials, and items while you are AFK. Friends and other hunters can play with your Bot (offline version of you).

Exciting Loot

Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary gear items, socketable items + materials and plans for crafting.

Malleable Classes

Play with Hunters in various Classes. Assassin, Bruiser, and Support. Upgrade attributes and skills to fit your play style.

P2P trading

Chat with other hunters in the Trading channel and then trade gear, materials, and more. Trading is a must in the Darkzone.

Fast-paced Idle Combat

The battles in Darkzone are fast-paced and exciting. Pick up Loot as your squad kills with a storm of attacks and skills.


Our goal is to add content to the game constantly. Join us on social media! Help us improve our roadmap and help us decide on the type of mechanics and content we should be bringing to Darkzone.
15 December 2019 Private Alpha Begins!

We invited selected members who signed up to our Beta to start playing the game.

April 2020 Beta Release

Darkzone Beta is released on the AppStore and the PlayStore.

July 2020 Official Release

Darkzone comes out of Beta with all features promised and more

September 2020 PC Release

Darkzone is released on Steam

...and much much more in the works!


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